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In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries entire concert and opera seasons or printed editions of musical works were possible thanks to the concrete support of numerous subscribers. To cite a few examples, the practice of signing allowed the creation of seasons of opera houses such as the Sant'Angelo or the San Cassiano in Venice, as well as the publication of the Ode Alexander's Feast or the Power of Music by Handel or the Musique de Table by Telemann. We could define these forms of financing examples of crowd funding ante litteram.

Support the TBMF 

In a historical period in which art is supported with  increasing difficulty, the participation of every passionate is fundamental. Today the completion of the Turin Baroque Music Festival is linked to the generosity of all those who love Turin and the music of the Baroque era and the many passionate who in recent months, with their subscription, have economically supported the initiative. Anyone wishing to make a contribution to our activities can make a transfer to the bank account of the Accademia del Santo Spirito, indicating in the reason: 

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